Sunday , October 1 2023
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Polls Finds Majority of Floridians Support Legalizing Marijuana

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St. Leo University Polling Institute has conducted several surveys regarding marijuana legalization over the last several years. Its most recent poll shows that 60% of those asked support limited legalization of marijuana in Florida. There are more younger voters that support legalization than other age groups.

If those 60% of Florida voters all voted if an initiative is on November ballots, that would be just enough to qualify as a passing initiative in the state, WUSF Public Media News reported. Of those polled, 31% oppose legalization. That still leaves 9% either undecided or not wanting to answer.

Frank Orlando of St. Leo University Polling Institute said, “These types of amendments and ballot initiatives have been used to drive turnout. It looks like it has pretty good support – especially among younger voters. This could be a concrete issue that increases Democratic support and turnout among younger voters that could make the difference in a close election at the other statewide races.”

One proposed amendment doesn’t have the signatures it needs right now. Another says they’re still working to get their initiative on the ballot. Lawmakers are already either supporting or opposing, vocally, the initiatives. The Florida Attorney General’s office has officially opposed the Make It Legal Florida initiative by filing a petition with the Florida Supreme Court. The office cites the federal status of marijuana as being an issue.

Senator Jeff Brandes said, “I would be shocked if we don’t have adult use in Florida by 2024 just via the constitutional amendment. I think it’s time for the Legislature to take this issue on so we’re going to be proposing legislation this year that would allow for adult use cannabis in Florida.”

It will be interesting to see what happens in Florida this election year when it comes to legalizing marijuana. It’s anticipated to be one of the most heated and watched states regarding marijuana this year.