Saturday , August 24 2019
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Recreational Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed in Florida

Medical Cannabis

HB 1117 was filed on February 26 by Representatives Michael Greico and Carlos Guillermo Smith. If passed, adults ages 21 and older would be permitted to use, transport and possess recreational marijuana. Accessories are permitted. The limit of possession is 2.5 ounces.

With legalization efforts passing all over the country, Florida sees the revenue potential of the industry, according to NWF Daily News.  Some see legalization as inevitable, so why not get ahead of the game? That’s what these Florida lawmakers have in mind.

Greico said, “It’s coming one way or another, either by a 2020/2022 ballot measure or from us here in the legislature. … Colorado has collected over one billion dollars in taxes from marijuana sales since 2014, so imagine what bigger, sunnier Florida could do.”