Wednesday , June 26 2019
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Gov. DeSantis Issues Ultimatum on Medical Marijuana Reform


Governor Ron DeSantis supports two senate bills that would legalize smokable forms of medical marijuana. He’s filed a motion with the First District Court of Appeals to request a stay of opinion regarding the People United for Medical Marijuana v. Department of Health lawsuit. Florida lawmakers now have just a short time to offer the governor with a legislative solution or the state’s appeal on the ban of smokable marijuana will be dropped.

Lawmakers have just the first 2 weeks of the 2019 legislative session to get something together, The Famuan Online notes. SB 372 was submitted by Senator Farmer on January 17 to legalize smokable marijuana and increase access. SB 182 was submitted by Senator Brandes redefining medical use of marijuana to include smoking and allows dispensaries to sell smoking accessories.

DeSantis said, “Florida voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana in 2016, and I believe the subsequent legislation has been inadequate. Voters intended for medical marijuana to be dispensed in a way that would best benefit the patient, smoking included.”

Regarding the ultimatum, Senate President Bill Galvano said, “We will certainly honor the governor’s request to bring a bill forward early in session that addresses both his concerns and those raised in litigation. Many senators share these concerns and have ideas they are interested in advancing, which include smokable forms of treatment. I look forward to continuing those important discussions in the coming weeks.”

Governor DeSantis is proving that he supports the medical marijuana patients in Florida.

Lawmakers have until March 5 to remove the ban on smokable marijuana.