Thursday , February 29 2024
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Florida’s Medical Marijuana Patient Enrollment Grows


A new report shows that more patients are enrolling in Florida’s medical marijuana program. There are 1,070 physicians providing certifications. The state reports having over 136,000 registered medical marijuana patients.

The report indicates that about 24% of those certifications are for PTSD, according to Pensacola News Journal.  About 10% are cancer patients. The report was compiled by the Physician Certification Pattern Review Panel. It’s noted that 30% of the certifications issued came from physicians in Hillsborough, Palm Beach and Pinellas counties.

The average dose ordered by physicians is 372 mg per day. In Highlands County, however, some patients were recommended to receive an average dose of 3,956 mg daily. The report says that 470 patients have been certified in Highlands County.

Only 2 patients in Nassau County are certified and they have the lowest prescribed doses of just 17 mg/day.

The data is expected to be inspected further to create more concise data.