Saturday , January 19 2019
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Florida Provides Framework For Medical Marijuana Licenses


The deadline to issue medical marijuana licenses in Florida was October 3. The Department of Health has finally released proposed rules outlining the application process for operators. Ten new licenses were to be awarded to operators by October 3 that met the necessary criteria, even if they were involved in litigation activity before January 2017.

Only 13 operator licenses have been issued to date, according to Miami CBS 4 News. Applications for four specific licenses aren’t being accepted yet. What has been released most recently is a mirror of the emergency regulations put in place in 2017.

Much controversy has surrounded Florida’s medical marijuana licensing process, as preference would be shown to those operating citrus farms. The requirement for black farmers to be members of the Black Farmers and Agriculturalists-Florida Chapter will go away as well.

It stands now that the highest scoring applicants that were not selected the first time around, will be at the top of the list once the patient count reaches at least 100,000 and four more licenses can be issued – which has been met. Florida has a little more than 100,000 patients now.