Sunday , March 24 2019
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Florida Dispensaries Want to Provide Whole-Plant Marijuana to Patients


Surterra Wellness has joined Trulieve’s fight to provide whole-plant medical marijuana to patients in Florida. Surterra has filed a petition to intervene. Trulieve started administrative action recently regarding the issue.

Trulieve filed paperwork to amend its medical marijuana treatment center application with the Office of Medical Marijuana Use, according to Florida Politics. According to Jake Bergmann, he believes that a lot of patients juice whole plants without experiencing psychoactivity. The plant is full of nutrients and cannabinoids that can help relieve multiple symptoms.

Surterra CEO Jake Bergmann said, “Patients should be able to obtain cannabis in any format their doctor thinks will work best to treat them. The cannabis plant is medicine in its most natural form, and if DOH will allow it, we will provide it for patients.”

Joe Redner is suing the State of Florida for home cultivation rights. He wishes to grow his own medicine for his personal use.

Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, said, “Joe Redner is suing the state and reached out to us to as if we would sell seeds, clones and whole plants per his doctor’s recommendation. We filed an amendment to our application to ask to be able to sell these products. But we aren’t suing the state and there isn’t a proper entry point for another licensee to intervene (referring to Surterra).”

Comments regarding the status of the petitions and pending lawsuits have not been made at this time.