Sunday , May 26 2019
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Delray Beach to Vote on Banning Marijuana Dispensaries

Delray Beach Dispensary

Despite 75-percent of Delray Beach voters approving medical marijuana, the city may still ban dispensaries. The discussion will take place on September 7. According to the Mayor of Delray Beach, Cary Glickstein, the city’s intention is “not intended to subvert the will of the voters.”

The ban would allow the city to move slower with the new law, according to Sun-Sentinel. The city has issues with opioid-related drugs to deal with that are causing problems. Cities in Florida can determine whether to allow dispensaries or not.

Mayor Glickstein said, “I would speculate that we will have dispensaries at some point, but not all areas of the state that approved medical marijuana deal with the drug-related issues that are so acute here.”

Four cities in Florida have implemented bans on dispensaries. Three others are also considering bans on dispensaries – Boca Raton, Hillsboro Beach and Highland Beach.

In 2016, Delray chose to implement a 1-year moratorium on dispensaries and medical marijuana treatment centers.

The preliminary vote takes place during the City Commissioners meeting Thursday (September 7) evening.