Thursday , April 2 2020
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott Signs Medical Marijuana Legislation


On Friday, Governor Rick Scott signed Florida’s medical marijuana legislation into law to allow the implementation of its medical marijuana program. The voter-approved legislation requires that the laws be in place no later than July 3 regarding patient qualification and access. This legislation also allows 10 more treatment centers to be approved by October 3.

Five medical marijuana treatment centers that were denied in 2015 will be licensed by August, according to U.S. News & World Report. One license is being reserved for a group of African American farmers. Smokable forms of marijuana are still banned, regardless of those arguing the provisions for smokable forms existing in the Amendment.

Ben Pollara of Florida for Care said, “This is a good day for sick and suffering Floridians. The signing of this law provides a framework for the future of our state’s medical marijuana system and while it is far from perfect, it will begin providing access for patients.”

Taylor Patrick Biehl of Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida said, “Today should be a striking reminder of the power of each and every person’s vote. The people of Florida spoke loudly in November and the Legislature and the Governor have responded.”

The approved product types are vape, oil, tincture, spray and edibles. Patients are permitted to make three 70-day supply orders before requiring re-examination by their doctor for continued access to medical marijuana.