Monday , June 18 2018
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Lawsuit Planned to Allow Smoking Medical Marijuana in Florida

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Even though Florida’s Legislature finally passed a bill last week to allow the medical marijuana program to be expanded, smokable forms of the medicine remain prohibited. Medical marijuana supporters say this isn’t good enough. Governor Rick Scott hasn’t signed the bill into law yet.

John Morgan, principal backer of the legislation, says he plans to suet he state for banning smokable marijuana, according to WLRN Miami. Seventy-one percent of Florida voters approved medical marijuana, and expect smokable forms as a consumption option.

Morgan said, “I don’t know why they would object to anyone on their deathbed wanting to use what they wanted to relieve pain and suffering. If they were really concerned about smoking, why don’t they heavily tax cigarettes?”

The lawsuit is likely to be filed in Leon County, with constitutional law expert John Mills on board.

Senate Democrats tried to get smokable forms of medical marijuana added to the legislation but the votes against it won. Democrats say that 90-percent of those who use marijuana smoke it.

While scientific data doesn’t support smoking marijuana as a more effective option than other options, votes to allow smoking marijuana weren’t strong enough.

Representative Ray Rodrigues said, “If he wants to sue us, that it is his prerogative. I am confident that it can be defended in front of a judge.”

Vaping, however, will be allowed.

Morgan is happy that a bill was passed, but says the final verdict is an issue of special interests and not patients.

Morgan said, “At the very end we saw most of the Legislature was about which was profits and not patient care or access.”

Morgan praised House Speaker Richard Corcoran in regards to advocating for the special session that led to the legislation’s passage.