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New Medical Marijuana Doctor’s Office Booming with Appointments

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Within one hour of Compassionate Cannabis Care Clinic of Venice’s website going live, 50 prospective medical marijuana patients booked appointments. The first week of the new Florida medical marijuana doctor office’s schedule is completely booked with 146 appointments for first-time medical marijuana patient recommendations.

The clinic will be operated by Dr. Barry M. Gordon, according to The Ledger. The clinic does more than just medical marijuana certifications; it is also a laser tattoo removal clinic.

Dr. Gordon said, “I’m going to work my ass off on the next 6 to 8 months to see every single patient that wants to be seen.”

The exam cost with Dr. Gordon is roughly $250, before any Florida state fees. Patients are required to be under a physician’s care for 90 days with appointments scheduled for check-ups every 45 days thereafter. Those with appointments in January would not be given a recommendation until April.

Dr. Gordon stated, “We can only do what we can do in qualifying our patients as early as they can be, when the state’s ready for it.”

Gordon stresses that marijuana education is important; even he had to become a scholar in a short amount of time to open his practice.

He said, “Now that I’m entering the world of compassionate cannabis care, the research and the reading – I’m like a student again.”

At this time, there aren’t many certified doctors in the region to recommend medical marijuana patients.

DeLuca closed his comments by saying, “We’re not your primary care physician. We’re not going to see you on a regular basis when you have an issue. There’s nobody, at least on this coast, who are operating the way that we are.”