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Panama City Banning Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Panama City Marijuana

Residents of Panama City Beach won’t have access to medical marijuana in their city for anytime soon. The city has imposed an 8-month moratorium on medical marijuana, which blocks any medical marijuana dispensaries from opening.

Bay County has also prohibited medical marijuana sales for 8 months, according to News Herald.  The moratorium prevents the sale, cultivation, manufacturing, dispensing/distributing, wholesale/retail sale and processing of medical marijuana. What this means is that nothing can move forward regarding medical marijuana in Panama City Beach, and any other municipalities that impose moratoriums, until discussions are held and votes are taken at city meetings.

Panama City Beach officials plan to discuss the moratorium on December 8, making the moratorium effective in January. The moratorium allows city officials the time to study medical marijuana activities in other areas.

Councilman John Reichard said, “I suggest that we consider a moratorium on this until (the) state settles down on what their (laws) will be and the county does the same so we don’t do something and have to undo it three or four times.”

Regulations regarding where and how many dispensaries will be permitted remains to be decided.

Tallahassee attorney Keith Bell said, “Home Rule statute leaves to your discretion the number of dispensaries, the location of dispensaries. We expect, based on input from the Florida Association of Counties and other legislators that that will remain the same and remain up to various municipalities how to deal with the location and number of dispensaries.”

Based upon the demand and population of a specific municipality, the number of dispensaries permitted will likely be capped.

Councilman Hector Solis hopes for spread out locations, rather than just near the beach. He said, “It would be nice if the county allows us to have discussions.”

Florida has some wrinkles to work out, but appears to be on track by taking a slow approach to decision-making and lawmaking regarding medical marijuana.