Sunday , May 26 2019
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Florida Ends 90-Day Waiting Period for Medical Marijuana Card

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The 90-day waiting period for Florida medical marijuana patients to receive access to medicine is no longer required. Changes were made to the voter-approved law, allowing this waiting period to be extinguished. Patients in the Kissimmee area can visit Green Relief as they are now accepting additional patients.

Amendment 2 requires any changes to the approved law to be implemented before October 2017, according to ALS News Today. It has been a slow process, but progress has been made in recent weeks. Patients wishing to receive an assessment may request an appointment either online or via phone.

Once a patient qualifies per state guidelines, Green Relief submits the request to the Florida Department of Health to have that patient added to the state’s Compassionate Use Registry. Medical marijuana cards are issued once the patient’s name is added. Once the card is received, patients can receive three 70-day supplies.

After those initial 70-day supplies are exhausted, patients must be recertified.

Kerry Barasatie, president of Green Relief, said, “Our business is unique. We specialize in medical marijuana. Our patients receive a thorough medical evaluation and a treatment plan tailored specifically for their condition. A patient will be seen by the same physician on every visit, even after five years. We are always available for our patients, and we are here to stay.”