Thursday , April 2 2020
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Orlando Officials Delay Vote on Medical Marijuana Ban

Orlando Dispensary

Orlando city officials have decided to hold off on voting whether or not to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. Current city zoning regulations are part of the issue. As it stands now, the businesses could be anywhere a regular pharmacy can be.

The city, however, requires that they are at least a mile apart to prevent heavy concentrations of dispensaries, according to WMFE 90.7 Radio. There is a 7-dispensary limit in the city of Orlando. Zoning was in place prior to legislation being passed that doesn’t allow local governments to put zoning regulations in place.

The vote will take place at the Orlando City Council’s next meeting.

Mayor Buddy Dyer said, “During the special session, the legislature passed a state law that would give us the opportunity to have an infinite number of dispensaries or no dispensaries. We’re taking a look at whether we can simply look at the ordinance we passed before there was state legislation or not, and Kyle and the legal team will give us an answer to that in the next couple weeks.”

City Commissioner Patty Sheehan doesn’t want to ban dispensaries. She is involved in her local community and wants this treatment option available for those that need medical marijuana.

Sheehan said, “This is just an oil to help them with their medical needs. I think we need to think about being compassionate toward others. I’m glad we took the prohibition off today. I support dispensing medical marijuana and cannabis to those who need it.”

Knox Nursery is available to Orlando medical marijuana patients. If a ban were to go into effect, this location would remain as it would be grandfathered into the new ordinance.