Tuesday , June 18 2019
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Florida A&M to Develop Medical Marijuana Use Campaigns


In the 78-page amended medical marijuana bill Governor Scott signed June 30, is a provision to address the social concern surrounding minorities and marijuana. The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) will receive $10 per medical marijuana card approved to help educate people regarding illegal use of marijuana and how to use medical marijuana.

Included in the bill, it reads, “The department shall allocate $10 of the identification card fee to the Division of Research at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University for the purpose of educating minorities about marijuana for medical use and the impact of the unlawful use of marijuana on minority communities.”

Projections regarding how much FAMU should expect in funding have not been calculated, according to Tallahassee Democrat. Medical marijuana patients pay $75 for a medical marijuana card in Florida. It is roughly estimated that the funding to FAMU could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in the near future.

Minorities are the focus of this education plan as the Leon County Jail booking report shows that a majority of those booked for marijuana related charges are primarily African American men and women. The goal is to educate minority groups about the dangers of illegal marijuana use, sales and participation in the black market.

Some say that the Historic Black College or other minority-focused university addresses the repercussions of the illegal marijuana market, including illegal use.

FAMU interim president, Larry Robinson, said, “We are appreciative of everyone who advocated on behalf of FAMU to ensure that we had the opportunity to participate in educating the minority citizens of Florida about the medicinal uses of marijuana as well as the impact of unlawful use of marijuana in our communities. This is consistent with our commitment to empowering communities through public service and our mission to enhance the lives of our constituents.”

An update regarding plans for implementing this educational program is expected Friday. Details regarding the industrial Hemp Pilot Project will also be addressed on Friday.