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Map: Most Florida Counties Support Medical Marijuana Legalization

Florida Medical Marijuana Law

Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana throughout Florida, is in the hands of Florida voters and requires 60 percent approval to pass. Patients with terminal, severe and chronic illnesses that are approved by the state would be able to apply for a medical marijuana card, if Amendment 2 passes.

A recent poll showed that nearly 70 percent of Florida voters support Amendment 2, according to Tampa Bay Times. Surprisingly, some parts of the state support medical marijuana more than others. South Floridians widely favor medical marijuana. The state’s two major urban counties, Miami-Dade and Hillsborough, also show wide support for Amendment 2. Other areas showing wide support of Amendment 2 include Tallahassee, Gainesville, Leon County and Alachua County. But, suburban areas, like Collier and Nassau counties widely oppose Amendment 2, along with a majority of residents in conservative suburban areas in Central and North Florida.

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Some of the counties expected to see the most support for Amendment 2 are not breaking the 60 percent approval mark in pre-election polls. The most support for Amendment 2 is shown in Monroe County with 71.8 percent. Following closely behind are Broward County at 67.9 percent and Leon County by 67.8 percent.

Opposing Amendment 2 by the largest concentrations are Hardee County with 39.7 percent in opposition, Holmes with 41.1 percent and Sumter with 42.3 percent.